Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Argh....April Just Went By....

If somebody asked me what I have been doing in the month of April I have a very simple answer.

Freaking out!

Yes! That is right!!!! Here I am perched on my chair on an average Wednesday afternoon, thinking what I have been doing in the month of April and what comes to my head? Zilch!!! The first half of the month I was busy with projects & assignments & what not. The second half of the month I wasted trying to get stuff into my brain which were so not meant to be there. Many a times I found myself wondering if my head had a leak at some place, but the lack of first-hand witnesses prevented me from further processing of that issue.

Avurudu just came & went. I think I was too engrossed in thinking about my semester exams, which I really doubt having any hope of passing. Maybe, this old age is finally getting to me, my intellectual capacities, (which were not much to start off anyway) and everything that demands psychological effort!

Exams have always freaked me out! It eludes me as to why I still go on looking for them. I would rather not waste lines in my blog trying to elaborate how the semester exams went, because it simply did NOT!

April ended in a funny note though! I wrapped the miserable month taking part in an Avurudu Uthsawaya organized by a friend of mine. Thanks goes out to Dillion & his crew for setting the stage for a day of fun & laughter! I have to say I kicked ass in the events I took part! Not only the events were superriffic, I also ended up being crowned as the "Avurudu Kumaraya" (male version)!!! Much to my awe I realized I rock at tug-of-war, simply cuz of the fact that my team lost the moment after I retired hurt on the grounds of having my palm cut! :D

Photos? Don't ask!