Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

Visible Voices 6

Unfortunately, what started with much gusto saw no end. RIP CSExpress!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Visible Voices 5

I miss my confidante!

Visible Voices 4

I first ran into these guys way back in 2009, when I joined the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Moratuwa, as an instructor. We scattered (and grew old) when 2012 came!

Visible Voices 3

Srimal (my colleague at work) explains his master plan of buying a car from the UK. It goes something like this....

Visible Voices 2

The local universities came down to a standstill when the academic staff decided to go on strike, demanding a hike in fund allocation for education. It has been 3+ months of an unofficial vacation for the kids until today. My department, Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) has been defying the strike with gusto!

Visible Voices 1

My colleague Sujith, learnt the acerbic side of waiting until the last moment, when he had to come to work 10 hours before his flight to get his visa ready!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Miss Muffet

And so we had a blast bidding farewell to March & sending the welcome wagon to April, the month of festivities. The Onions' Get-together got off to an extremely delayed yet as-happening-as-Sri-Lankan-weather start. However, the writer feels the get-together missed the icing on the cake because of Miss Muffet's absence.

Since, Miss Muffet bought her motor bike, as warned by many concerned, her life has been extremely accident prone. Although to normal folk wheels provide infinite freedom, Miss Muffet finds herself a little too pressed for time and riding her scooter all over the streets of Colombo. Being the good Samaritan she is, Miss Muffet heart goes out to every living creature, which usually results in her riding off to adventure after adventure. However, the writer feels Miss Muffets problem is trying to juggle more balls than her small hands can accommodate.

Miss Muffet has been happening for the past couple of years, since the cosmic powers at her workplace shifted in her favor. Although her progress had been slightly marred by a few stumbles in her way, one often sees Miss Muffet sitting at a corner waiting for the next earthquake to hit. The writer's recommendation is that Miss Muffet is the BEST sidekick one can ever ask for. As the writer herself has accompanied Miss Muffet on many of her own cut-throat-assignments and actually manged to come out in one piece, Miss Muffet's dependability can be 100% guaranteed.

Nowadays, Miss Muffet is wanted by many at her workplace, perhaps more wanted than the HoD himself. However, Miss Muffet wants one person. A dependable man who moves her like her motor bike. Miss Muffet has had a few shots with regard to that aspect, according to the news the writer has received from Miss Muffet herself. Nevertheless, the man who moves her still remains elusive. For all goodness she had bestowed upon many around her, the writer hopes the man who moves her arrives sooner than later, preferably riding a Mini! :)

Helping people has always been Miss Muffet's strong trait. It is indeed very rare to see somebody who selflessly helps those around, and Miss Muffet is the best example of a person possessing that rare feature. Often subtitled as Goalee among her peers (for maintaining the solid record of catching all "balls passed" at her direction), Miss Muffet is a silent complainer who gets the job done regardless the piece of crap for whom she is doing the job.

Rumor has it that Miss Muffet is soon to leave the place she had so laboriously held together. Like her compatriot, who left before her in search of pretty village divas, Miss Muffet has too grown weary of her surroundings and is now on the lookout for a change. The place will never be the same without Miss Muffet sitting at her corner or riding her scooter down the winding roads. For her sake, the writer dearly hopes the change will not only affect Miss Muffet's location but also her relationship status.

We are sorry, she couldn't make it to the get-together, which rolled on nicely despite the limited turn out. Likewise, Miss Muffet's life will roll on, hopefully as nice as the person Miss Muffet is!