Saturday, March 20, 2010

Behind The Third Eye

Given the talented man/woman the right apparatus, he/she maketh magic. The ramblings of this soul today will feature the amazing traits of such talented individuals who have found their calling behind the third eye.

Although the list of featured artists is limited to only 6, (not to mention this was all I could recall in the dismal abyss of my brain) that does not mean I think you suck if you happened to be good with the tools. People are entitled to their own comments & criticisms, I believe. Thus, should you happen to fall into the latter category I just mentioned about, you ought not have your feathers ruffled. Just brush the dampening thought away & be on your merry way.

Since I am not sure all you readers of this script will be able to access the links I will be attaching here, I will take the pride in sharing a few masterpieces that tickled my fantasies. All credit goes to original artists

Featured Artist #1
Srimal Samarasooriya
My good ol' crash pad, who has valiantly rescued me from many a mishaps, seen me through a plenty of bumpy rides is a gifted individual. The noteworthy fact is that the lad is gifted not just with the third eye but also with many a humane virtues. :-) This be a tribute to all the good times, the raised voices, arguments, most of all for being a very reliable cushion whenever a crisis arises. Depending on access privileges you should be able to see his work here. Well if you are curious of his camera type, the tools & techniques he uses & what not, I suggest you not pester me with questions. Why? If ignorance is bliss, I am as happy as a clam with respect to his tool specifications. The picture of the passage you see here happened to be one of my personal favorites from his collection.

Featured Artist #2
Anjula De Silva
Aaah...from my days of learning relative velocity & dynamics & brain teasers of such like being leg tackled from under the table, comes this "fun" individual who knows how to push the lens to the limits. Given a few more clicks and you can surely rate him as a pro! The fella possess the most sophisticated camera gear I had ever laid eyes on. What is amazing is that the tools respond to his demands & they respond oh so well. A silent man by nature, but as you can see in the picture, you can see that he talks to millions behind the third eye. If you the reader is lucky enough there is more from where this masterpiece came from right this way

Featured Artist #3
Sachini Weerawardhane (erm..did I spell the surname right girl?)
Fret not dear readers, I am not gifted with the lens. But this awesome lady generates passion behind the third eye, as you will all see in a while. I might as well share a few funny facts that she & I have in common. First in the list comes the name, Sachini Weerawardhane (spelling??), second comes the birth month, third comes our Alma-mater, and now that I realize, the fourth in the list be the shortened forms of our names, e.g. sach, sachi etc :D Girl, do pitch in with a comment if you see anything I have missed regarding the list of similarities. ;-) From what I have seen, the subjects she sees through the lens is more often than not unorthodox. Want proof?
The source from where this picture was excavated, drove many a ladies insane...

Featured Artist #4
Yajith Dayarathna
Well, since I am going to publish a picture I might as well publish a picture with a story behind it. :D And the picture is... (drum roll) More can be found on his Flicker photo stream The story behind the picture involves, Crabs, YesFM ShoeBox Project, shopping on Christmas Eve (2009), a horrendous downpour, & a few good gift vouchers that never found the purpose of their existence. I am not sure the status of the vouchers that plunged into the darkness of his backpack, but every once in a while a petite camera pops out of it & voila...moments speak!!!

Featured Artist #5
Sasiri Wimalarathna
I remember the day he consulted me for some pointers toward buying a good third eye. I for one am so eternally grateful the good doctor realized his mistake, did not listen to me & trusted his gut instead. Pretty is all I can say.
More of his work Here be a living example of what you can do if you have an open mind & open doors to limitless possibilities. Kudos Sasiri!!! :-)

Featured Artist #6
Charlie G. (Chathura)
Sorry mate.. I forget your last name! Perhaps if you had a surname as spectacular as your photography maybe none of this would have happened (LOL) One album I keep on revisiting on a regular basis is his Project 365 It is simply amazing to see the album being reborn with valor, fire & life every time a new picture is added. Dear readers, consult this man right here if you want to find out how to exploit a perfectly mundane moment & mold masterpiece out of it.

PS - The order of the list here has no relevance whatsoever with the level of skill each individual possesses. The note was just to voice an appreciation, as appreciation is always meant to be.

Psychotic Work Guys!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When I Am a Bike...

I Am Free

I feel the wind whizzing past me caressing my ears. The wind is a funny thing you see, creeping into the most cramped up locations & yet managing to freely wander about. One place she never fails to visit is underneath my riding jacket. Aah... such delights she gives me (choke)! Countless times, she has pushed me into states of extreme euphoria & all those times I profoundly forgot my latitude & longitude. Ma woman....purrrr....bless you!

I Am Brave

The bike undoubtedly gives you the best sitting position God has ever devised; legs on either side, slightly elevated from ground level. The position however has made me extremely lazy to put my feet on the ground, which in return makes stopping a nightmare! But who needs to stop with such hassle? I will just go & kiss somebody's bumper with my tires & voila, effortless stationing. I usually visualize myself as superman when I am riding my bike. Whoa...hold it...I said I "visualized" myself, does that necessarily require me to wear my undies over my pants? Well, if that is what you require for me to appear Mr. Invincible, then by God I shall wear my undies over my pants. The two wheels that spin so closely to my legs more often than not induce me to work magic on the road. Them all other losers on four-wheels plus, I laugh atcha suckers! I wag my tail feathers while I am on it & my ride responses. I wouldn't want to imagine y'all trying to do the same in your whack wagons. Trust me it will not work.

I Am Macho

The road is mine & I am burning hot! Ho yeah baby!! Who gives a flying fig about the state of the person driving the carcass I am overtaking. It is just me & my hot-ride forever & ever. I will just squeeze myself past this 20 Ton contraption & people around me would look in awe & throw flowers & confetti! Awesomeness!! A brave idea suddenly hits my small brain! Perhaps I could show these motorists how maneuvering is done. A tweak here, a tug there, a brush here & a yank there & a-waaaaay weeee go!

I Am Blind

Whoever the egghead who decided to stick these side-view mirrors & signal lights & what not onto my cruise machine ought to be hanged. I need no stinkin' mirror or light or anything that remotely relates to highway safety. As long as I have my undies over my pants I ain't got nothin' to worry'bout, no sir!!! What...I can twist & turn & wriggle my way in & out a jam. It's just too damn bad that you have to just sit there & be jealous of me & perhaps commemorating my folks at home with such love & adoration!

I Am An Idiot

I see an 18-wheeler carrying cargo, making & precarious turn to the left. In my own drunken stupor I go try to over take the 18-wheeler from the left. I just love feeling so small & so drastically outnumbered in weight, height, length & also the wheel count! By some miracle the 18 wheeler keeps a hairbreadth distance between my hot-ride, my legs & a good deal of metal junk that could easily flatten me like ham! Am I disturbed? Hell no!! I go along as if nothing happened & meet a van again finding me on its left. Is it just me or is everybody heavily left-oriented today. This guy too is turning left & I am rammed between 2 feet of triangular space between a pavement & a big white bulky mess! Curses...let me just stop right here & curse the causes of putting this man on this earth. *#&@$(*&@#$


Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Earth Rumbles & Why Do We Have To Age Sooner! :-(

There I was, trying to catch up with my daily reading & I run into this queer article in the newspaper. Few minutes after gloating over it I was engulfed with much respect for the Mayans for their premonition skills!

Sources from NASA claim that the recent Chilean Earthquake was powerful enough to knock the Earth off its axis, resulting in shorter day time. The 8.8 magnitude quake struck massive blows to the city of Concepcion on February 27th, killing more than 700 people & most weirdly affection the geography of the planet.

It is argued that since the Earthquake has affected in the distribution of mass of planet earth, it has in return had an impact on the rotation speed. Computer simulations done at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Pasadena, California, by geophysicists have revealed that due to the alteration to the Earth's axis, the day has gotten shorter by 1.27 microseconds. They further claim that the Earth's axis has been shifted 8cm from its orientation. How this rotation speed change occurs can be explained by a phenomena called "Ice Skater Effect". In layman's terms this means that the further the body mass is spread from the rotational axis of an ice skater the slower he can spin. If he wants to spin faster he can easily crouch his limbs, thus altering the distribution of body mass & as a result the rotational speed changes.

However, since the change is quite insignificant, the geophysicists assure that no alteration to clock time has to be made. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that the Sumatran quake (2004) which measured at 9.1 in the Richter scale, altered the orientation of the Earth's axis by 7cm despite the massive size of the quake!

Perhaps a few quakes hither & thither & a million lives later I would get to celebrate my birthday a day quicker than I used to 10 years ago!!!

On account of the number of natural disasters the world has had to withstand during the past couple of months, one could not help but wonder if the Mayans had been right about 2012.

Hope is a good thing, don't you think? It is just too sad that when everything falls into place hope always has the knack of leaving you!

-Source Bloomberg BusinessWeek