Monday, November 8, 2010

A Hole Digger Is a Gold Digger

Holes...a subject of euphoria for the tactful, conniving & ingenious souls which were put on earth by some miscalculated force, also happens to be a tender topic for many others with myriad taste sensations. A hole; an empty confined space characterized by its stuffy, musty, dark environment is not a place of merriment for many unless of course you happen to be a mole. In a mole's perspective, hole digging is a gift of nature. Sadly, those who are at the top of the food chain, supposedly with better intellectual powers try to outsmart the wise selections of mother nature & morph into hole diggers themselves.

A hole is often associated with dirt, or some other form of waste that must be put away. Like the mole goes in search of the delicate areas of land to create its curvy caves, human hole diggers go in search of "dirt". This "dirt" is meant to be meddled with, turned up, ploughed through and additionally shared among similar hole digging enthusiasts. Human moles are cheeky and have the knack of going off the radar for considerable periods of time. Unlike the moles of nature, these "moles" work round the clock, in rain and shine going in search of... yes.. dirt.

Moles of nature are harmless critters. They just make an exasperating mess that can easily be dealt with. Human moles on the other hand are walking time bombs. Oh wait, forget the time adjective. Human moles are just walking bombs, capable of irreparable disruptions, many a fixes and worst of all, loss of goodwill.

A good thing about a mole digging a hole, as I see is the fact that it is only the mole who is getting dirty at the end of the procedure. He does not create a big mess, except underground. Fellow moles do not go on strike, shun the poor critter, or expel him off the company. Everybody is happy. Unfortunately when human moles start poking about in the dirt everything from A to Z ends up in a soup and the soup is also in a bottomless bowl!

I wonder if a mole pats himself on the back when he finally emerges from his twisting trench. "Oi..I did a damn good hole" kind of a thing maybe? It is about time you moles started doing that because human moles regardless the significance of their work, just love to brag. Ever heard of "making a mountain out of a mole hill" proverb?

The hole digging process exposes a lot of hidden treasures. Now, for a mole the most valuable treasure would be some edible thingy, a vegetable or a grub worm. To human moles however the definition of the word "treasure" varies. Today it would refer to gold, tomorrow it could refer to dirt! Greed and desire lubricate the digging process in human moles. I am not sure what triggers the digging desire in moles though. Any clues anyone?

Moles are blind yet sensitive to darkness. Makes a lot of sense considering their natural habitat aka holes. Human moles, most of the time are not blind (although what they do sometimes raise serious questions with regard to their visibility). As for the sensitivity factor, well let's just not make a mountain out of a mole hill shall we? :)

Unguarded man-holes, often trigger public outcry. Why, for the obvious danger that is associated with it, a far steeper hazard for health in comparison to mole holes. You see... holes are dangerous, yet the digging continues...

And so we forget..


As to why we were put on this earth...