Sunday, August 31, 2008

Doped at The Olympics!

Well... It is the Olympics! The biggest milestone for any sportsman/woman is finally at your doorstep and you are actively taking part! Yes it is definitely an exhilarating news, but how far would you go to prove yourself?

August 15th, Beijing Olympics was shocked by the news the North Korean shooter Kim Jong-Su had tested positive for a banned substance and will be stripped of his silver and bronze medals

This certainly is not the only reported incident of Olympians playing it dirty. The first of the reported incidents at Beijing 2008 was the Spanish cyclist Maria Isabel Moreno being kicked out of the Games on July 31st after testing positive for EPO, a blood-boosting hormone that enhances endurance.

Incidentally she also became the first athlete to depart with disgrace at the Beijing 2008 Olympic extravaganza.

Michael Phelps left Beijing as "America's Gold Mine". So did Tuvshinbayar Naidan, Mongolia's first ever Olympic medalist who did his country proud. Need a good definition of the word pride? Go to them! It is sad to see how people opt for unlawful means to take them to the next level and failing utterly at it.

I leave you for now, with some food for thought ;-)

"Sports do not build character. They reveal it. "
- Haywood Hale Broun

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Sach said... is an interesting video on the newest threat on the sports arena.

Games of illicit performance enhancers is a Sisyphean task, and the job promises to get even more daunting with the advent of "gene doping." The newest—and perhaps most troubling—trend in the world of athletic enhancement, gene doping involves modifying an athlete's DNA, or having them inject or inhale foreign DNA, to make them bigger, stronger and faster.