Monday, September 6, 2010

To Fix The Match

On my way home today I happened to hear the not so oooh aah news on the radio which said a certain player in our Sri Lankan Cricket Team has allegedly been involved in a match fixing scenario. Although the news is supposedly true, a lot of backfence talk is going on with regard to who the culprit behind the scandle is. The funny thing is despite being slow in catching up with the trends we Lankans sure find savvy ways to be under the spotlight albeit the thumbs-down. ;-)

I am thinking match fixing could happen both ways. Paying to win & paying to lose. Paying to win, we do not hear much. Even when we do hear paying to win scenarios, such events call for glamorous celebrations all over (e.g IPL?). Yet paying to lose is the situation that generates plenty of hullabaloo, in the big barracks, in the news, and in the streets.

To me, all these bookies (although commit a sin according to my religion) are a bunch of ingenious businessmen who know exactly how to exploit the human mind. It is just to plain bad that they decided to use the ingenuity to something that gets everybody into trouble. But then again had they opted to be righteous we would all lose on a good topic of discussion. So there... go be bad boys, but know what you gonna do when "they" come for you (hearing Bob Marley sing :D). We, humans all have a price tag atop our heads. Yet only a few entrepreneurs learn how to read that tag. Sadly for us the majority of the few are such illicit dealers! The moment one learns how to read it, the owner of the tag becomes a puppet. And there is nothing worse than being a puppet of a puppetmaster whose head is screwed. Money can do wonders to us human beings. We all like to claim how we value the work we do & how morally & principally just we are. Speaking bluntly the truth, money is one element in the world that can swing one into all sorts of directions despite the upholster we put on. People, with all the sophistication going around, have forgotten the fact that we all have had animal ancestors. Bait to an animal as we all have seen, can make it go into extremely unwholesome states, (e.g imprisonment, death) For us humans the only bait we have evolved to respond is money. :D

We are not hard workers. We all like to sit back, relax, do the bare minimum & live the life. Making a quick buck to most of us is an exciting venture. The essential clause in this service agreement is "do less". So if I were a sportsman & I was going to fix the match the best thing I would do is play lousy & hope that nobody would notice. Now that I have written that sentence, all of a sudden the concept of match fixing to win sounds extremely stupid. If I were somebody else other than a sportsman, then we all know the ends we reach trying to "do less". No need to gloat on that I reckon. ;-)

Thus the booky principle is economically ingenious. Exploit the trend & maximize the gain; win-win all around.

You walk along the street and pass a little brook. You see a person with a fishing rod sitting patiently on the bank waiting to get lucky. The immediate thought that would cross your head is that this man is committing a very bad sin. You go home. Hungry, you grab half a loaf of bread, ruffle through the pots and pans & stumble onto a fish curry. If a second person saw you eating fish & bread would you be questioned of your morality? :D

And match fixing goes on... inside this 3rd planet from the sun.


SRIshanu said...
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SRIshanu said...

The world, all the puppets, puppeteers and puppet makers live in, swings with the wind that is mixed with the sent of notes and coins. Even though one realizes the real drama goes on, would he have the courage to move on alone and do the change?

Once in a while, a puppet decides on making his own puppet show, but he ends up being nothing but yet another puppeteer.

So there we go, match fixing goes on... just another puppet show!

Reading this post reminded me of a blog post I wrote some time back and this is how I ended it.

If the society is a building its' foundation is made of coins. People live in various levels of it. While some get the chance of climbing up, some fall down. No body would ever care how all that happen, because it's all on top the foundation where we are!

Very well written, living in the messed up world! XD