Thursday, March 10, 2011

When The Best Goes Missing!

It is true that one never starts missing the best until the best is out of the picture. It is also true that the replacement to the best is usually some busybody dropped out of nowhere, whose presence has become a painful experience to many in more ways than one. One would only hope the world would just stop spinning at the busybody's feet! On the contrary to most of our expectations, the world just loves proving the hope wrong. I for one am slowly becoming aware of the magnitude of the void the best has left behind. We hope for the best's sake that this bad patch will not last long, and at the end the best would come unto the living with blinding flashes and deafening noises.

Silence is often a strength. Often people find it extremely difficult just to shut up when it is absolutely necessary. As has been proven so many times in the recent past, opening one's mouth at the worst possible moment gets many into trouble. The best is a person of few words. The best is aware of this danger, and often with the best's characteristic smooth moves manages to beautifully avoid unpleasant situations. We see the best's talents leave many wondering what they can't be like the best. Well, technically there can be only one best. :)

The best knows about respect. I admit this word has become a common occurrence in many penning. But it is the very word that brings about many uncomfortable situations. Sadly many of these could easily have been avoided had the responsible loose-heads had the gnats of a brain to realize the importance of respect. It is the fact that the best knows how to respect the surroundings that has earned the best a lot of respect in return. People do not talk behind the best's back. When they do talk behind the best's back they usually do not regret the fact that they have met the best.

The best is disciplined. A totally kick-ass disciplinary I might add. It is still awesome the best does not have to attend the so-called boot camps for discipline. In fact the boot campers themselves can learn a thing or two about what it means to be a disciplinary courtesy the best.

The best is not a showoff. Showoffs are good people. They add such positivity to the world. Commonplace people can realize that there is still a level that everybody else can stoop so low without reaching the level of showoffs. This is one teeny-weeny incident where being a bad person can actually make you good! If the matters were discussed on the right ground, the best probably might have lots to flash. However, being the superior human being the best manages to find less catastrophic methods to keep the best entertained.

The best has the best sense of humor. Jokes as a matter of fact can be both humorous and humorless at the same time. The person possessing the best's charisma would take the joke as a joke without shooting back venom in return. The best's lightheartedness is extremely commendable. You would see the best wearing a million dollar smile any time of day all days of the week. The best part about that smile is that it is not a smile of cynicism or sarcasm or insult, but an expression of the humane quality of an ordinary human being!

May your goodness be long lived!


Disease said...

Thank you for this Post !! =)

Sach said...

my pleasure D!