Saturday, August 13, 2011

Big T and the Big Bee

The room I used to stay in was a funny place and it still is. People crash land, people take off, and people like me just swing by hoping for some cheap entertainment & gozz!

Come the day the newcomers arrive, people living in that room get overly excited. Is he/she good? Is he/she a moron? Is he/she like so & so?, countless questions pop in and out. In the dwellers' defense, it is quite fair any incoming foreign bodies create a lot of stir. The room had had more than its share of hooligans and baboons. Records show that, such foreign baboons create messy situations (note to reader: all apes are messy), cause issues and just take off when the other branch falls within reach (more notes to reader: recall ape-behavior).

Miss. Muffet in particular, is one dweller who accepts all foreign bodies with open arms and most noticeably with an open mouth. Unlike the one who sat on a tuffet closer to the ground, Miss. Muffet can usually be seen sitting on anything, which places her higher than the elevation of a chair. Miss. Muffet is yet to take a fall from her high altitude existence, basically thanks to her great levels of friction and the forever-on-grin plastered to her face. However, falls have come from other avenues where friction had failed Miss. Muffet. We have to thank her bike for that! Thus we see in clear light as to why destiny left The Miss. Muffet eating her curds and whey on a tuffet and not on wheels.

Big T was a breeze! T just flew in & flew out just like the modern day gust of polluted air. Miss. Muffet thought the T was her cup of tea, a breath of fresh air after a long period of dismal days and was particularly dismayed when T took off. T has earned a reputation among the gang for being quite the source of entertainment, fun, laughter and most of all bad luck. The writer has no idea the depth to which the roots of bad luck had run, thus will refrain from making larger than life comments. However, the writer does have an axe to grind with Big T, for she with a few others lost their personal retreats at work, 48 hours after Big T moved into her area in the building! Since this note is to celebrate the spirit of T, no further mentioning of T's desperate search of Leprechauns will be made! It seems luck has its ways of letting T know of its existence. It is just too bad the method of awareness raising luck has utilized has scared T out of his wits, so much so that he has turned to be a believer of hocus-pocus. While we all firmly believe a whole-vegetarian diet is good for anybody any day, we are skeptical of the effectiveness of results owing to its short (very short) life-span. In search of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, T is venturing out into greener pastures. For all goodness as a human being he possessed, we hope and pray he finds only jump-able bumps in his road, and no rats or cockroaches in his brand new 5x5 cubicle.

Miss. Muffet was heard missing Big T very recently. However, T's loss is inadequately filled by the Bee. Miss Muffet feels, T and Bee complemented each other to perfection. What Miss. Muffet is not aware of is the fact that she is inadvertently coupling two perfectly straight gentlemen in her head! The Big Bee is a little ball of spitfire! Contrary to popular belief, this Bee is usually seen being the comedian in the crowd. These days the Big Bee is busy making his hive in the Electrical Engineering department. Sadly, the Queen bee seems to be pissing him off. We all feel that the Queen bee should stop trying to run the Big Bee's honey dry, because if not her there are and will be plenty of other queens for him to drop his honey on!! The Big Bee has earned a reputation for being an athletic catch. The golden or the bronze chance the Big Bee had to exhibit his cricketing skills was rudely washed away in the rain. Since the talk in the town is to have the take two of the rain-dance equivalent pretty soon, we all would soon get to watch the swings & misses of the Big Bee.

Since of Big T's departure, a strange attraction has developed between a certain chipmunk and the bee. The root of this peculiar animal coalition is nourished by pheromones coming in from the direction of the Electrical Engineering department. One should appreciate Big T's effort in not letting the Bee get into the wild side. Luckily for the Bee, freedom was available a hop, skip and a new system engineer job away. Now that the ball is in flight we hope this would be one swing the Bee won't miss. We further hope the chipmunk will be within reach, ready and waiting to catch the ball before it hits the ground!!

And so we open the gates to the best zoo under the sun & moon!

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