Friday, February 6, 2009

Too Many Faces on Facebook

"It does not hurt to be security conscious" I always tell myself! :)

Popular social networking site Facebook is reported to have been subject to impersonations. Alarmingly the number of reported incidents are on the rise.

Facebook says fewer than 1% of its 150 million users are affected by the scam. In one such case reported from Seattle, unknown to the real owner, his status message was changed to something that read he (the real owner) needed urgent help. Concerned friends turned to his aid, & one friend even went to the extent of wiring him some cash, which was later reported missing!!!

Simple measures such as using a stronger password & using up-to-date browser versions & anti-virus software help immensely in curbing this threat.

One last word...Trust no one! Not even your friends. :)

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