Monday, June 15, 2009


Let's face it, my travel chronicles are pretty mediocre. Apart from the off-the-shelf family trips I was dragged kicking & screaming, I have not traveled much. Now I see more than a few good reasons to uproot that habit & plant myself in the oasis of travelers, conditions permitting.

Just when you thought, you life has become incredibly safe & predictable, something good happens to you & you find yourself confronted by an assortment of & otherwise. Sight seeing is fun. OK I admit, it is more fun when you are going with the right sidekick, but that is besides the point. Screw them all who claim you gotta get out of this country to start seeing things, screw them all who claim ours is not a happening country! Quit torturing yourselves with questions like, "aww where do we stay?", "aww....I need a comfy bed for the night", "aww what do we eat", "aww how much is it going to cost", "ohmigosh what do I wear..." so on & so forth. If you are not the planning type of a person, simply do what I do. Hook yourself up with a more methodical person. Do not waste vacations on villas & hotels & whatnot. Go & get lost in the trees; literally!!! My advice, if you have somebody who would drop everything & go off with you to get lost in some unknown corner right here in Sri Lanka, EXPLOIT the conditions.

And so begins my tips for the loonies:

Trail Tip #1
Should you be driving off for a considerable distance, it pays to make sure that your travel buddy talks less. If this seems impossible for some unknown twist in fate, at least make sure that he knows how to cork it long enough for you to quit worrying that he is going to blow his windpipe!

Trail Tip #2
Water. You can not simply have too much of a good thing. H2O & plenty of it is a definite yes yes! Worried about not having sufficient bladder control? Deal with it later! Do not let your bladder keep you from having fun.

Trail Tip #3
Enjoy sceneries. FYI scenaries are not all the time caused by trees & waterfalls & stones & rocks...hint hint

Trail Tip #4
I hate Galle Road & all cities that are associated with it. That is no way to have some quality fun while travelling!!

Trail Tip #5
Costs. If you are on a tight budget & think you need more loot, cast your fears away. I can personally recommend my travel guide for economical getaways. The guide himself is not so economical. You might want to be on the look out for that ;-) ;-)

Trail Tip #6
The places....umm well.........I think I am more a fan of hills than vallies. To getaway from everything & just relax, the hills is the way to go! Get close to trees. Trees do make you feel great, although I have no clear explanation as to how they manage to do that! Check out for the most comprehensive collection of info on where you can go & wot you can do when you get there! It is sort of my tourguide's travelers' Bible, which I am sure you would also love to check out.

Traveler's Chronicles unfold...

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