Saturday, June 27, 2009

Xin Ren

"They prosper who on virtue's aid depend; Who trust in vice reach an untimely end."
- Chinese Proverb

They say respect & trust is not given, it is earned. In a state of confusion as to what the "word" the title means? Xin Ren is the Chinese symbol for trust! See picture? That is how you write it. :)

And train of thoughts derails. Nice tattoo that would make on me don't you think? ;-)

The world is materialized out of too many fragile things as far as I am concerned. It is amazing how it is able to withstands such a perpetual stream of shocks. Good shock absorbers the world is made out of I reckon. But then again, the world does know how to get rid of what she thinks she does not need. The wonder of it is that she never runs out of options of getting rid of debris. Maybe that theory ought to explain why the heavens pour down after most of the natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions etc.)

That is how The Grand Design works. The Grand Design works for the greater good!

Connections are made out of trust. You form a construction having faith upon the bricks, wood & cement that holds the whole thing together. Much as sturdy as the construction is when everything is in the right place, the right blow at the right place would make everything fall apart.

Keywords:- Create - Blow - Destroy.

You, me & everybody else: we are not indispensable. The Grand Design has placed immense trust in putting you where you are today. Be it a shit hole or heaven on earth, you are where you are not because you alone chose your location. It pays to realize The Grand Design can take you away from where you are if she feels that you are screwing things up. Why? Because you are NOT indispensable!!! :D

Funny how every paragraph I have jotted down ends in "destruction" ainnit?

Hold on dear to what you have at present. Going in search of change can prove to be deadly. We are all connected in The Grand Design. You mess you link means so many other links will also find themselves in precarious situations. Do not be selfish. You are not designed to survive alone.

Does The Grand Design sound to apocalyptic?

It should sound so, for The Grand Design is US.

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