Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Pessimist

So, here I was talking to somebody and the somebody has been awfully nice and more than tolerant with my insolent ways. Suddenly it dawns on me how easily I forget good things that have happened to me throughout this short life of mine.

Yeah...I have been plagued by pessimistic behavior for as long as I can remember. People I meet more often than not say very nice things about me! And do I give a "word"? EN-OH! How rude, crude and lewd!!! Looking back now, I realize I have a lot to be thankful for and lot to be tagged as so freakin' lucky....It is such a shame much as a sponge my brain is it has become a sponge that absorbs only slime!! :D Of course people do like to be revered, appreciated and treated like heroes. I am sure most of you still realize the value in helping people & being supportive. While some help expecting something else in return, there are those who genuinely want to see good things happen to people. I am not sure to what category I fall into, but one thing I do know is that if I happen to make you feel good about something and you feel you need to appreciate me for that, DON'T BOTHER! I wouldn't remember the good things you would probably say anyway....

Many a times people have complained that I am too hardhearted & behave like a rock. The irony of that claim however is that, I am also immune to the message that claim carries. Ignoring what is not relevant and what I think is bullshit come naturally to me. Perhaps doing that a little too much is risky I reckon....but I am a survivor being the person I am. Hence I am a happy person.

Perhaps it is just that I am too neutral and not a pessimist per se. And I do not normally see the glass as half empty. I just see it as somebody thought the drink was shit!! :D

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சர்வேஸ் said...

I am Pessimist and I would like to be so! Dont feel bad about that.

BE PESSIMIST! Because we are making many OPTIMISTS! Wihout PESSIMIST, nothing call OPTIMIST :D