Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shinedown Shines Down

My tastes in music have never ceased to baffle me. But no complains! I luv my taste in music. :D

It is kinky, electrifying, soothing, calming, ear-splitting, irritating all at the same time. The spectrum of genres spans from alternative rock, country, hiphop, r&b, pop, gospel to who-knows-what music! I do have to admit that I listen mostly to english numbers. Why?? Sinhala music nowadays sound so strangely similar to Shaggy mumbling in sinhala, Twista rapping in Sinhala & so on and so forth. For some reason oriental music is yet to see the spawning of new generation talent that have their own identities...

When I listen to music I first go for the tones & then to the lyrics. What keeps me attached to a particular number is in fact the lyrics! Probably that should explain why I am a fan of rock music. Although sometimes they can be brutal to the ears, they usually carry meaningful lyrics. This is one of my most recent attractions!


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