Saturday, August 1, 2009

Seven Reasons Why I Think A Couch Is The Best Place In The World

So I have just unearthed my deepest, darkest desire for couches. The realization of my attachment for the object in discussion has left me left thinking "Gee, I had no idea couches can be such fun generators!!!" However, I find it much to my disappointment that couches, good, plush ones in particular are quite short in supply here. (Sad Face) If I were the honorable minister of recreational activities & youth affairs, my first official duty after taking office would be to submit an order for good two dozen couches to be located at odd places in Colombo! (Excited Face)

So, here I begin my justification for my officially joining the couch lovers' club. To the less bright who have eerie attractions to my ramblings, reader discretion is advised. The following statements do contain, and is intended to be treated as euphemisms to incidents of superior mental pleasure.

Leather is a sexy material. (Wicked Grin). As my sudden outburst of emotion implies, I love to park myself on leather. Not only does the material responds well to sudden alterations of temperature, it also feels good upon physical contact. If leather is sexy, leather with soft fillings in between is pure psychotic bliss! Given the chance to choose between a leather couch & a normal couch I would raise both hands in favor of leather. If I were to own a leather couch I would not bother to crowd the oasis of recline with cushions & such like pathetic excuses to decor. I would want the couch naked & all to myself!

Couches are great places for conversation. Both verbally and otherwise. Since I happen to be quite weak in gossiping (so I think) (GrinningFace) and talking about shopping & clothes & shoes, I find this "otherwise" part much to my fancy. One can just sit on a couch and stare at the ceiling and nobody would question why. Well, even if one nosy, busy-body just happens to impede your train of thought with a goofy question you could just mumble some incoherent nonsense and be on your merry way! feathers ruffled! Peace Rules!!

Before you bust a vessel wondering why two dot one instead of three, I felt the need of jotting a line on "otherwise" class. "Otherwise" is an abstract class which can be implemented in ways that tickles your imagination. Let me just terminate this elaboration indicating that my implementation of this particular abstract class is quite baffling. (Wink)

I do the most important things in my life lying horizontal! I will start the list with sleeping. It goes on to studying, idling, reading to eating. Yeah, I have spent a good number of hours of my life eating lying flat on my back. Couches are superb places to eat at, or drink at, or do whatever you feel like doing at. Too bad the couch at my place has failed to live up to my expectations. (Flat Face). Oh well, there shall be other couches that would undoubtedly careen into my life at some point, opening doors to a world of fun & excitement. (Evil Grin)

Couches are usually located at places having good food and drinks; again the exception being the couch at my place! What a rip off!!! (Indignant Face) There is nothing like having a steaming cup of coffee or some icky sticky delectable food item before you when you are on a couch! Food tastes extra nice, IMHO, when you have it at a nice place. My idea of a nice place spells C-O-U-C-H.

Couches mean extreme physical proximity. Extreme I say.
After thought - "Somethings are best left to the imagination of the readers..."

Research shows that the best sitting position is not the 90 degree angle you and I are forced to sit in. Apparently sitting at obstuse angles in the thang to do if you want to avoid uncomfortable aches & pains. (Chuckles) More couch please!

For me couches have always been more relaxed seating arrangements than chairs. Less edgy. More comfy & Easier on ones muscles. (smile)

To all the couchos....come hither & partake! (GRIN)

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