Saturday, September 6, 2008


This is old news, but thought of blogging about it anyway.

So I have been in an accident, a motor accident. It was exhilarating but hopelessly stressful at the same time because the car was gone when I needed it the most.

One fine Saturday, I was on my way home from uni. A couple of kilometers toward Piliyandala from uni & a wild thought engulfs me...."Hey, why don't I overtake this rickety looking bus...", and behold like an idiot I did just that.

The bus driver had stopped & just pulled off just as I was passing him and WHAM!!!!!!!!! He slams the right side of the bus into my car's doors.

After getting through the first 2 second shock, the rest of the episode unfolded quite well. No shouting, no yelling & having admitted that the fault was mine I was happily on my way after 10 minutes of delay :-D

Having had two doors replaced, painted & completely renovated the car is back in business now. What is weird is that the whole university staff seem to be knowing that I was in an accident. A fortnight ago one person(UoM staff member) who I have never seen before stops me in a corridor and asks how I am holding up after the accident. I have to admit I was a little embarassed my negligence has caused too many people to notice my existance :-D While I was talking to him he drags another person in, saying "See, this is the one I told you about...The one who was in an accident!!!"

So, there I was caught off guard, not knowing what to say to them & standing there grinning like a pig!

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Afkham Azeez said...

One piece of advice, when you are driving in Sri Lanka, even if you are overtaking a seemingly stationary bus, three wheeler (tuk tuk) or motor bike... honk hard. These people never make use of their side mirrors, but react very well to the horn. I have managed to save my car umpteen number of times by following this simple technique. Same is applicable while overtaking or driving parallel to one of these road menaces.