Saturday, September 6, 2008

Play Ball....

The idea to hold a BB tourney between houses (WILD Boars, Titans, Cloud Bots & Legion) was a killer idea Sanjiva, CEO WSO2, & Hasmin cooked up. That certainly got everyone at WSO2 so worked up that no one can think of anything else but the game these days!

And so, it has been all BB all week! At lunch, at tea, corridor talk; you name it! Great thing is that we have got some serious competition going on around WSO2, both in the court & off the court as well ;-)

Two games down the line & drama already! We could not have asked for a better start than Titans Vs. Cloud Bots, in which the former took the nuts and bolts apart from the bots who went off the field limping & heads hung down :-D. Being the ever-so-cool CEO, Sanjiva pricked on the Bots' already wounded souls & went on to comment that the Titan victory was a "Landslide"!!! The Titan girl player, Praveena was awesome, not on the first half in which she was a mere spectator on the court :-D. Nevertheless, she recovered remarkably well in the second half & was seen busily passing the ball around to her team mates.

The second game was all heat, owing to many reasons. Sanjiva was playing & was also the captain of the Legions. Some folks were waiting to see the Legions go down in a "LANDSLIDE" owing to Sanjiva's comment on the previous match's score. Well, that was certainly on the cards considering the superior opponents, the WILD boars! To be honest, their name suits them well! WILD....& not to mention ruthless, pushing, shoving, elbowing & fouling their hearts out! Udeshika, their female player was a sensation. It was a tough job keeping up with her short self crawling her way between players to snatch the ball & also making a few spectacular baskets!! The guys in the Wild Boar Team was fabulous to watch & not so fabulous to play against. :-D Samisa, Sanjaya, Heshan, Asankha Abeysingha & Keith were real pros & were nearly impossible to outplay. Hats off to Legion team, who lost but gave them a pretty good fight & for not letting them win in a landslide ;-)

Well the tourney continues...& so does the action, the drama & all the heat.
May the best team win!

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