Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Annonymous Communication On Internet

This paper describes some of the available techniques that are said to safeguard the anonymity of communications. Further, it looks into an analysis of these fore-mentioned methods so as to identify the pros and cons of each technique, and also what measures people can take to protect their privacy.

I also have an abstract of the paper for those who would like to read less and still be informed as much.

This also happened to be the first paper I have written to a conference, International Information Technology Conference (IITC) 2006 held in Colombo.

Takeaways from this experience...
  • Professional writing
  • Making sense while explaining technical content
  • Becoming a pro at using LaTeX
The paper was selected for the poster presentations at the conference. Hmm....should I write more?? Maybe not survey type of papers :-D.

Somebody give me a research topic!!!

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