Friday, January 29, 2010

Promotion... or is it?

Aah....never a did word exist in the dictionary with such skepticism behind it. Come to think of it, evolution itself is a variation of you & I being promoted by mother nature. And I for one am so frikkin' glad she did not screw that up, or we would have ended up with 6 limbs a pair of antlers & hooves! :D

Kiss ups, yes men/women, boot licks, suck ups are some of the very interesting definitions a thesaurus might throw at you, should you happen to look up for some definitions. What do all these phrases have in common? Plenty of drool, that's what. It is uncanny how such a source of exultation has evolved out from the honorary podium & into the rubble of repulsion. How many times have you in your heads wondered what the person did, that involved plenty of drool to be promoted? What is worse is that whenever you hear news of such nature, skills of that particular person falls mercilessly behind the drooling regardless how deep an impact skills themselves have made in helping the person in being promoted.

IMHO the freedom of speech, here in Sri Lankan corporate world is just a juicy fabrication. If ever you are thinking of opening your mouth to voice your opinion on some injustice, you might as well dig yourself a hole & bury yourself in it. "What on earth were you thinking?", "Why do you want to go bang your head on a brick wall?", "Face it man, we sprats can in no way swim among those whales & sharks"...would be some of the colorful & brutally truthful comments you would receive from your peers, if by some unfortunate twist of fate you happened to find yourself trying to be a little too brave.

It is natural for us humans to want more. More of everything & more than what we already have. It is just too sad to see people falling into such 3rd degree levels trying to get what they want. But then again, you just have to cut your cloth according to your coat do you not? After all, who wants to sit at the same place getting the same return for the next 15 years?? First of all your chair would rot. Second of all your butt would fall asleep & third of all your neighborhood will change & before you knew it would be surrounded by people who are calling u grand pa!!! :D Nothing doing!!!

Let's be frank. Most of us would rather not have our incompetencies pointed out. A promotion to a peer is interpreted by such people as a constant reminder of your incompetency. To add salt to the wound, it is just there, right before you. Day in & day out, screaming at you " cant catch me!" Thus erupts the cycle of competition, trying to be the better boot lick. And it is all downhill from that point onwards.

Makes you wonder, does it not? Why can't I just mind my own business?

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